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Stable cell lines that over-express a protein of interest (or other useful molecules, such as a viral vector containing a gene construct) are crucial laboratory tools, performing such roles as producing therapeutic or experimental proteins (including recombinant antibodies), studying gene functions, and screening of experimental drugs. These cell lines will reproduce reliably for protracted time periods and will continue to express a transgene consistently during that time period. For clinical use, utilizing a stable mammalian cell line for production of target molecules may increase the acceptability of the final product. The production of these stable cell lines, however, can be expensive, complex, and time-consuming.

Production of stable overexpressing cell lines or cell lines that produce a desired viral vector can be challenging, requiring extensive experience in cell culture. Scientists at Altogen Labs have years of experience in pre-clinical contract research in cell line development, analysis of gene expression, and cell-based assays.

We have a wide variety of cell lines available in-house at Altogen Labs. All stable cell lines are produced according to individual client specifications, with efficient gene delivery technology able to produce stable expression in clonal cell lines in 28 days (service description). We can also incorporate genes for antibiotic resistance or fluorescence into the DNA construct for ease of selection, either on the same vector, or independently on two separate vectors. Our experienced scientists can produce multiple clonal cell lines with varying expression levels, ideal for pharmacology and bioengineering research.

Generation of stable cell lines is important in most aspects of biomedical research and development. Laboratories require stable cell lines to perform a number of tests and analysis, including RNAi (or RNA interference) technologies for disease treatment, including development of more effective pharmaceuticals in the treatment of diseases such as cancer or others caused by immunological issues such as HIV and hepatitis B. A number of RNAi services, including those involving siRNA and shRNA focus on providing these stable cell lines. Our stable cell lines services are able of customizing their products based on the needs of the researcher – overexpression of gene of interest, long-term knockdown of target gene expression by stable shRNA expression, or regulated Tetracycline-induced expression systems.

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